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At Hach Homeland Security Technologies, we provide complete solutions for monitoring drinking water quality and security from the raw water intake of the drinking water plant to the end-user after miles of traveling through the distribution system.  Hach Homeland Security Technologies develops breakthrough technologies that put you in command of your entire water distribution and source water monitoring systems.

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Opflow Optimizing Water Quality: The Characteristics of a water treatment plant produces can affect what changes may occur in a distribution system. With the next round of regulations focusing on distribution systems, utilities are turning their attention to quality of water delivered.

Within a distribution system, pipe materials, storage tank characteristics, and variable demands patterns affect the quality of water that reaches customers.

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GuardianBlue is the first and only Early Warning System for drinking water to earn SAFETY Act designation and certification from the US Department of Homeland Security. Certification is based on a review of 3 years of test data including government testing using actual warfare agents.